At Hitechminiatures we strive to enrich Your gaming experiences by producing high quality resin miniatures. Everyday out team try to create something unique and exceptional for players, collectors and RPG gamers. Hitechminiatures offers a wide variety of miniatures, wich will enable You to diversify and enrich Your hobby.

Over the last five years, the Hitech team has worked hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our discerning customers worldwide. With experience, we've been able to achive a level of product quality exceeding that of larger companies.

No 3D Printing!

Did You know all our models are hand-sculpted, and each is produced traditionally? We don't use 3D  computer aided sculpting- instead we handcraft each model with green-stuff techniques. These unique figures are then cast in high-quality resin and sold directly to You, the customer. Each of our models is produced in small runs and carefully quality -controled to maximise the detail from the resin master.


Real pictures, not 3D mockups! Every photo on our website is just that - a photograph! These are real resin models, not renders created from computerised design. What You see is what we have lovingly hand made, and it's exactly what You will get. Together with show-quality painting by brush masters like MArcin, You are looking at true masterpieces which will become the pride of Your collection or gaming table.

Thank You for choosing Hitechminiatures!

Greenstuf Master

Sculpting process