Commision service informations:

1. First of all You need contac us using  e-mail adres with short description of You expectations.

2. Within next two days You will get answer with pricing and deadline.

3. If You agree then need to pay 50% of total quote as prepaid (fully refundable if you do not accept the final product)

4. Realization time is  ussually between 2 and 4 weeks max.

5. We will send You pictures of final product . If You will accept then need pay second part of payment and miniature will be send to You.

A ) We can convert almost every miniture from our offer (either you may send us your miniatures, or you can purchase the miniatures and put our delivery address in as the shipping address)

B ) We do not send WORK IN PROGRESS pictures.

C ) Paypal payment prefferable.

D) Shipping costs are included in total price.

E ) After 3 months we have not heard from a client the models are forfeited by the client and they become the property of HITECHMINIATURES company.

WE CAN OFFER ALSO PAINTING SERVICES FOR EVERY KIND OF MINIATURE with High Tabletop Quality level with price 30€ - 40€ !

From 13 June 2016 until 14 July 2016 we offer 30% of discount for every accepted conversion commision.

FINALLY ....send us a question ...we are here for You!